Foundations of JavaScript

icon-challenge10 CHALLENGES

A super simple introduction to help you get started!


Variables & Functions

icon-challenge12 CHALLENGES

Learn how to solve simple algorithm problems recursively with the following exercises



icon-challenge11 CHALLENGES

These exercises will help you gain a better understanding of what it means for a data structure to be non-primitive.



icon-challenge10 CHALLENGES

These exercises will test your understanding of objects, which includes linked lists and trees


Front End Engineering

icon-challenge7 CHALLENGES

Create challenging front-end mini-projects and build an understanding of Web Development. Covers the last fundamental JavaScript concept: (Complex Objects)


End To End

icon-challenge9 CHALLENGES

These exercises will help you build a strong understanding of how the web works.


React, GraphQL, SocketIO

icon-challenge8 CHALLENGES

React and GraphQL Lessons


JavaScript Algorithms

icon-challenge11 CHALLENGES

Problems that are commonly asked to test your JavaScript knowledge



icon-challenge12 CHALLENGES

Tree problems with high difficulty


General Algorithms

icon-challenge5 CHALLENGES

General Algorithm from interviews

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Updates and Guidelines

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Take each lesson challenge seriously and do them over and over again until you can solve them. With the exception End to End, all challenges are questions and exercises taken from real interviews.

These lessons will not only prepare you for interviews, but it will also help teach you the skills that you need to become an effective engineer.

After completing Foundations of JavaScript, Variables & Functions, Array, Objects, End to End, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, React/GraphQL/SocketIO, you will be ready to contribute to our codebase.


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The encyclopedia of web development

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In-depth overview of javascript language

The Missing Semester

Introduction to shell, git, vim, tmux and etc.

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