The following lessons covers all the JavaScript foundations you would need to be a full stack software engineer. To get started, go to c0d3.com/signup to sign up for an account. Make sure your password is > 8 characters.

When you work as a software engineer, you can't study your way into success. Most companies have bad documentation and use tools in a way that you have never seen before. Therefore, communication and courageously asking for help is a critical skill to becoming an impactful engineer.

In order to ask for help, make sure to join our Discord server. You will need to Sign up for a new Discord account, if you already have an account, you can just Sign in

After joining the Discord, you'll need to read the rules and introduce yourself a little bit.

In the Lessons category, click on the channel for the chapter you are studying to ask questions if you find any concepts confusing or are experiencing issues.

You should get a response in < 3 hours.

Issues creating an account or getting access to chat? Email song@garagescript.org and I can look into it for you

In the unlikely event you do not receive any response, you can also reach out via

(in order of preference / response time)

  • Keybase (@songz)
  • Twitter (@songz)
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